Amy Papaelias

Type Nerd & Design Educator

Experimental Type Projects:
  • Personatype: Living Type Specimens. Expressive, kinetic web typography and voice recorded type specimens. 2012.
  • SonoType. Sonogram interpretations of letters through various emotions and people. 2007.
  • TypeTalk: Handwriting Fonts With Something to Say. Self-censoring fonts that edit themselves through the magic of OpenType. 2005.
  • Digital Humanities / Collaborative Projects:
  • Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities. A special issue of Visible Language journal. Co-editor with Jessica Barness. Proposals due: January 2014. Expected publication: Fall 2015.
  • Placeable: A Place-based Mobile Learning Tool. This case study documents a collaborative community-based project with New Paltz design students and the Wassaic Project, 2012-present. With Aaron Knochel.
  • Serendip-o-matic: Let Your Sources Surprise You. A playful, web-based discovery tool that connects your research to digital sources from around the world. 2013.
  • News:
  • I really enjoyed the conversation with Mitch Goldstein and Namdev Hardisty on the podcast Through Process. Episode 16 “We Are All Digital Humanists” features Jessica Barness and myself talking about the digital humanities, design scholarship, critical making and pedagogy. Listen to the podcast.
  • “Play as Process and Product: On Making Serendip-o-matic” was presented at DH2014 in Lausanne, Switerzland in July. Read the abstract.
  • In April 2014, I presented at Theorizing the Web, in Brooklyn, NY, “Let's Talk About: An ARG in Spatial Dialogue about Race and Identity on Campus” with Aaron Knochel.
  • I participated in the symposium Remixing Art Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, April 11-12, 2014 and presented “Design Thinking: Process into Practice in the Undergraduate Art Studio.”
  • The Graphic Artist Guild reviews You Are What You Kern, an HTML5 demo offering typographic tips for web-based resumes. See the demo here.
  • Need some more typographic commentary in your life? I'm now blogging at Typophile.
  • I presented the Placeable project case study as part of the panel “Design and the Digital Humanites” at the Midwest Modern Language Association Annual Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • In April 2013, I presented the paper, “Digital What?! Graphic Design and the Digital Humanities” at the AIGA Design Educators Conference, BLUNT: Explicit and Graphic Design Criticism Now at Old Dominion University.
  • Thirsty for past news? Visit the News Archive.
    I am an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Foundation at the State University of New York at New Paltz, teaching courses in web and interaction design, as well as 2D design and visual communication. I received my MFA in Intermedia Design from SUNY New Paltz and my Bachelor of Art in English Cultural Studies from McGill University.

    Presentations about my creative work and design pedagogy include: TypeCon (2012, 2007, 2005), the AIGA Design Educators Conference (2013, 2008), the UCDA Design Education Summit (2011), the Midwest Modern Language Association's Design and the Digital Humanities Panel (2013), among others. I am also currently part of several collaborative digital humanities initiatives and recently participated in One Week | One Tool, an NEH-funded Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities, hosted at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University (2013).

    My creative work investigates the performative possibilities of expressive typography in screen and digital environments. Challenging the arbitrary boundaries between visual and verbal communication, the work explores themes related to font intelligence, relationships between vocal and visual representations of speech, and the emotive potential of kinetic texts. I am influenced and inspired by the personality of typefaces, visual expressions of language in digital conversations, new media theory, sociolinguistics and sound poetry.

    A variety of tools are utilized, including sound-editing software, custom OpenType features, handwriting samples, voice recordings, a Speak and Spell, CSS3 animation and Craigslist’s Missed Connections. This work has been recognized in the pages of Print and Communications Arts, and online at the Graphic Artists Guild, UnBeige, Typographica, I Love Typography, Typedia, and Design Observer, and others.

    I am a member (and SUNY New Paltz Student Group Faculty Advisor) of AIGA, and the Type Directors Club.

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